Ready for School

South Carolina’s Profile of the Reading Ready Kindergartner

Early Reading

  • Shows interest in books and reading

  • Knows that printed words have meaning
  • Uses pictures in a book to tell and retell the story
  • Recognizes and names/reads familiar signs and logos
  • Listens to a story being read aloud
  • Makes predictions about what will happen next in a story being read aloud
  • Begins to follow text from left to right as it is read aloud
  • Recognizes and names rhyming words
  • Recognizes that letters represent spoken sounds
  • Recognizes some upper and lower case letters and their sounds
  • Recognizes that spoken words can be represented in written language
  • Recognizes written name as well as other familiar words
  • Begins to use pictures and text read aloud to learn the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Holds books upright, turning pages one at a time from front to back

Listening, Speaking and Understanding

  • Converses with others, taking turns speaking and listening

  • Speaks clearly, expressing ideas and questions
  • Uses words to seek help, answer questions and solve problems
  • Speaks in complete sentences of at least six to eight words
  • Listens to stories and retells them
  • Begins to ask questions about stories that are read aloud
  • Follows directions and completes tasks that require multiple steps
  • Asks and answers “how” and “why” questions

Early Writing

  • Draws pictures and tells their story
  • Writes using a combination of letters, letter-like shapes and scribbles
  • Uses drawing and writing during play
  • Writes name independently or using an example